Jason Hendardy

Coney Island, New York

Coney Island was one of those places I had never associated to a real location, let alone a place that one would actually go to for pleasure, a place regular humans frequent or a place that even existed on Google Maps...I know I could have just searched it, but I never did. Classic.

For me Coney Island was always something I had associated to the 1979 action thriller, The Warriors, or if I were talking to a mid-westerner a type of hot dog. It was one of those things that had a sort of sensational aura to it, so when I finally got the idea to visit it I couldn't help but feel like it wouldn't live up to the expectation. You know what? I was wrong.

There's absolutely no place I've ever been to quite like Coney Island.

Jason Hendardy_Coney Boardwalk.jpg
Jason Hendardy_Coney Cops.jpg
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Big Sur, California

Looking for a car? Take it from me. You don't want a Mazda. 

Big Sur is beautiful. It's lush, it confronts you with the great outdoors and well, like the name eludes to it's quite large. Though among the vast arrangements of terrain one could encounter while driving around Big Sur something I never thought would be an issue would be a puddle. I'm not talking a river or even a decently sized pool of water. I'm talking about a s-m-a-l-l puddle. I'll tell you this. If you have a Mazda avoid small puddles like the plague if you adore your car horn. 

For me a car's horn is like a dog's bark. It is the one thing that personifies my vehicle. Sadly though for a Mazda driving over the most nominal amounts of water is like the equivalent of it choking on it's own spit. Oh well. At least I caught a few photos.

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