Ray has a new solo record coming out and needed some photos for his album and promos. Here are a couple of photos I took of him at his home.





I’m guessing that a lot of people who come to my site also work within the industry producing videos and/or photos so it’s probably not surprising that I just put up a section of videos I made specifically for social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

The two things I love about working on projects that are destined for social platforms first are that I usually get to do more out of the box ideas, like hand-drawn frame by frame animations, and that the projects are pretty bite sized. The quicker nature of these projects usually mean less pre or post production time but the restrictions are always an aspect I welcome since it means I need to have a clear idea of what I want to do.

I’ll continue to add to the SOCIAL VIDEOS section which you can get to by clicking on the image above or within the VIDEOS page.



I had the pleasure of gaffing and working with the talented Emmanuel Moran as a scrappy two person crew on one of his projects for Youth In Arts in San Rafael, CA.

Youth In Arts is a non-profit organization that builds visual and performing arts skills through innovative and in-depth programs that foster confidence, compassion and resilience in students of all abilities. The overall shoot was to create instructional videos that would be shared among arts educators that could be applied across classrooms and learning environments.  


The overall goal for lighting was to create a set up that would allow for a visual change for each lesson or topic while also making sure the set transitions were quick as to not hold up production. In order to solve for this request and create a turnkey solution we decided the best route to take would be to set up a white seamless backdrop and have RGB lights shift the background color as the topic of the video or lesson changed. This set up made swapping out background colors easy, so easy that one person could pretty much change the entire background color in less than a minute.


The overall light set up used 4x 2’ RGB Quasar lights on the white seamless backdrop. We put black foil on the RGB Quasars to prevent the RGB lights from spilling on to the subject. Then for the foreground subject lighting we used a traditional three point lighting set up with an Aputure C120d II and soft box as our key light, diffused Dracast 8” LED light panel as our soft fill, and then another 2’ Quasar set to 5600k as our hair light.

I think in the end the lighting helped change what could have been another normal talking head video into something a bit more engaging and fun.


I’ve always been interested in mobile studio set ups and find myself constantly evolving mine. Here are a few test photos from a portable set up. I took these photos in my small kitchen.