Branded Content


All In A Day - Two episode mini-series produced for Uber. Published on ChefsFeed.

Producer / Editor / 1 of 3 Videographers

All In Day is a series that shows how some of the busiest entrepreneurs in the food industry go about their day and utilize Uber to help them get where they need to go. This episode shows a day in the life of Fabian Von Hauske, chef/owner of Contra, Wildair and Una Pizza Napoletana located in New York’s Lower East Side.

Squad! - Four episode series produced for Crocs. Published on ChefsFeed.

Producer / Director / Editor / 1 of 2 Videographers

Each episode of Squad shows how a chef relies on their team to get through a day at their restaurant. This episode showcases Silvia Barban, chef/owner of La Rina in Brooklyn.


Meet Your Maker - Five episode series published on NOSH Berkeleyside

Producer / Director / Editor / Videographer

Meet Your Maker was a video series I made for Berkeleyside NOSH that highlighted local East Bay business owners within the food industry.


Recode 100 - 5 social videos edited for Recode.


Each year Recode recognizes 100 people in tech and business who actually made the biggest impact that year. I edited 5 social videos that highlight a number of those people on that list answering a specific question.

FEELS IV Video Flyer

Editor / Videographer

FEELS is Wine & Bowties annual music festival. This was a video flyer that recaps the FEELS preview party at BAMPFA as they set their site live for FEELS ticket sales, followed by a party and DJ night at the museum.