The videos below were all made specifically for social platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.

Travel Portland - Animated IG Story


For one month every year Travel Portland holds Dining Month where they partner with restaurants and encourage people to try new places. The video above is the second slide of a three slide Instagram story to entice people to visit a new restaurant. Travel Oregon provided photos from participating restaurants and I edited the photos into a vertical story and then added in hand drawn animations.




Redbreast Whiskey x ChefsFeed - IG Post

Redbreast Whiskey partnered with ChefsFeed to showcase their whiskey with an Instagram post for the ChefsFeed audience. I had the opportunity to direct, produce and DP the video that would show Redbreast being used in a several drinks at Bon Voyage in San Francisco.



Berkeleyside Nosh - IG and Facebook Post

While making the Meet Your Maker video series for Berkeleyside Nosh I was able to meet a number of talented people within the culinary industry. After hearing about Danial Imazumi’s take from transitioning from culinary school to becoming a working chef I wanted to ask him about his perceptions of what he thought being a chef was going to be like vs actually working as one. I had the opportunity to direct, produce, DP and edit the video above as a one man video crew.


Music Posters - Animated Looping Fliers for Instagram

The music posters above were made for local bay area music shows and when posted on IG as post would loop seamlessly. I designed, shot the photos, and animated the show bills.