Q. Why do you make videos?

A. Ever since I was a kid I've been making videos. My friends and I would take a camcorder around and try to put together skate(board) videos. In high school I got more into making shorts, and then in my stint in college I focused on making really weird videos and movies. Now it just seems to be something that I keep going back to. Plus I enjoy it.


Q. do you want to collaborate on a project?

A. It really depends on the project, but I'm always pretty open to working on something new. 


Q. Can I ask you a question or send you something?

A. Yes. I always respond to emails regardless of if you are just saying hey or if you're sending me a mini novel. If you want to chat or send me something shoot me an email at hey@jasonhendardy.com.


Q. i don't like you.

A. Not really a question but that is cool. I respect your ability to hate.