Packing For A Trip


The week before I leave for a trip always seems to be both the longest and most hectic time due to all of the anticipation. In my mind it's probably the closest thing that makes me feel like a kid again going through the last week of a school year daydreaming of busting out of the front door with a paper explosion trailing behind me. Once the plane door finally seals its as if a feeling of excitement and relief flashes before me due to knowing I can't do anything but sit there and wait for those doors to open again releasing me into some new city, state, or country.

But until then it's the slow wait with all the usual steps. From squaring away things at work and knowing nothing will bring me down because I tell myself this is MY week, to making checklists of what to pack that I tend to never follow, to figuring out where the hell I should even go and how I should get there even though I'm content with just roaming aimlessly. I visualize that plane, the door closing, and reassure myself that even if I wanted to respond to emails the airplane wifi is still such shit that all I really should do is feel comforted by the fact that I'm close to unreachable. There's a sense of freedom in that feeling. 

I'll be heading to Portugal in a few days and the feeling of anticipation is real. I'm looking forward to walking off a plane and shooting video in a place I've never been before. Stay tuned.

Jason Hendardy