New Video: Best Chicago Style Hot Dog...And The Wiener Is


Whenever I'm in Chicago there is always one thing on my to do list, and that's to get a Chicago style hot dog. You probably already know what a Chicago dog is, but for those who don't it's a hot dog loaded up and comprised of:

  • an all-beef frankfurter in a natural casing (this is key to having the snap when you bite in)
  • poppy seed bun
  • yellow mustard
  • chopped white onions
  • bright neon green sweet pickle relish
  • a dill pickle spear
  • tomato slices or wedges
  • pickled sport peppers
  • celery salt

Whew! That's a lot of goodness and all for around $3-$4. Beware though there are $16 Chicago Style Hot Dogs. Those don't fall into my book of authentic dogs. 

In my Chicago Style Hot Dog video I visit three Chicago dog staples: Portillo's, Chicago's Dog House, and The Wiener's Circle to see how each three stack up against each other and the glorious Chicago dog legacy.

Jason Hendardy