LCD Soundsystem at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco


Last night was the first time I got to see LCD Soundsystem live and it was....pretty dope. I wouldn't say it was the most high energy performance, since let's be honest at this point they're kind of an older (in age) band, but it also didn't seem like that was what they were going for. Half way through the set James Murphy, the LCD brain child, spoke into the mic and said something to the effect of "we're getting old, it's not getting easier, but we're doing it". I doubt those are the exact words but you get my point. While the band weren't extremely high energy in regards to performing I should clarify that it doesn't mean they didn't put on a good show. They were a spectacle within their own right and between the seamless song transitions, the syncopated light show, and sheer volume (MBV levels) LCD Soundsystem had the entire Bill Graham moving nonstop. The auditorium was moist.

It's tough to get older, play music, tour, or just stay focused on creating things you want to make, so the fact that Murphy didn't really have a break out album until he was 35 is some pretty great inspiration to anyone who may question what they are making. This includes myself. 

Stay focused.


Jason Hendardy